Corporate mission

Continuously improve the energy pattern through scientific and technological innovation


Enterprise spirit

Work hard, never say die, healthy and harmonious, and unite and cooperate



Take the lead in technology, develop green new energy, and work together to create a new life for mankind


Overall objectives


Based on the idea of sustainable, rapid, coordinated and healthy development of the company, a set of basic, procedural and scientific enterprise culture construction system has been established according to the construction procedure of planning, steps, from the shallow to the deep, from the outside to the inside. We should promote and operate systematically from the three aspects of concept, system and material, build a practical, scientific, reasonable and easy to operate corporate culture construction planning system, realize the harmony and unity of corporate culture and corporate development strategy, corporate development and employee development, corporate cultural advantages and competitive advantages, further enhance core competitiveness, and provide spiritual impetus for corporate development.



1. Build the core concept of corporate culture


In the long-term development practice, we have gradually cultivated the core concept of corporate culture that is compatible with and consistent with the enterprise's development ideas. At present, Fujian Zhongyuan New Energy Co., Ltd. has formed:


Enterprise vision: leading technology to develop green new energy; Work together to create a new life for mankind.


Corporate mission: to continuously improve the energy pattern through scientific and technological innovation; Create value for customers; For the welfare of employees; Create benefits for investors; Take responsibility for the society.


Enterprise tenet: Revitalizing national industry is our responsibility; Develop technological innovation, forge Zhongyuan brand and pursue excellent development.


Core values: work together for development and create harmony


Enterprise spirit: strive to make progress, never say die, healthy and harmonious, unity and cooperation


Work style of the enterprise: fairness and trust, responsibility and cooperation, truth-seeking and pragmatic


Safety production policy: safety first, prevention first, comprehensive treatment, safety development


Safe production concept: people-oriented, life first, safe development


Pursue goals: first-class management, leading technology, customer first, brand excellence


Quality objective: the product delivery qualification rate reaches 100%; Customer complaint handling rate reaches 100%; Customer satisfaction index reaches 98%


Safety production objectives: the qualification rate of safety training and education is 100%, the qualification rate of occupational disease physical examination is 100%, all kinds of major accidents are zero, and the minor injury rate of 1000 people is less than 1 ‰.


Quality policy: take science and technology as the driving force, seek survival by quality, and seek development by innovation


Zhongyuan logo: Originated from the auspicious cloud pattern of "origin symbiosis, harmony and integration", it is a representative Chinese cultural symbol with a history of thousands of years in China; Red means that Zhongyuan Company is developing vigorously, keeping its promise, striving to make progress, never say die, healthy and harmonious, united and cooperative, and forging a strong cohesion of brilliance.


Safety oath:


Safety commitment of Zhongyuan employees——


Originating from responsibility, adhere to the safety concept of Zhongyuan.


Brainstorm and build the safety culture of Zhongyuan.


Unite and cooperate to forge the excellent brand of Zhongyuan!


The core concept of corporate culture of Fujian Zhongyuan New Energy Co., Ltd; Abbreviation: Zhongyuan New Energy Culture; It is Zhongyuan's valuable spiritual wealth and outstanding cultural achievements. It is necessary to carry out centralized, repeated and regular publicity, so as to achieve the goal of making the majority of employees identify, believe in, practice and understand and accept the public.



2. Promote the construction of institutional behavior culture


(1) Establish an institutional culture that matches the core concept of corporate culture. Integrate the concept of corporate culture into the rules and regulations, penetrate into the whole process of production, operation and management, establish a scientific and standardized internal management system, so that employees have both value-oriented and institutionalized constraints, system standards and value norms are coordinated and synchronized, and incentive constraints and cultural orientation complement each other.


(2) Establish and improve employee code of conduct. Under the guidance of the core concept of corporate culture, we should constantly revise relevant systems and regulations, incorporate moral construction into the management by objectives, highlight the implementation of the post responsibility system and employee ethics, and cultivate employees' good professional ethics and ethics.


(3) Strive to build a learning enterprise. Vigorously advocate the good atmosphere of all-staff learning and lifelong learning, innovate learning methods, organically integrate learning and work, enable employees to realize self-value in mastering and applying new knowledge and skills, and improve the overall innovation ability of the team. A standardized learning and training system should be formed, and an annual learning and training plan should be formulated at the beginning of each year.


(4) Establish a long-term mechanism for evaluating and creating excellence. With the theme of safe production, business pacesetter, youth civilization number, staff home, etc., carry out the creation activity of "striving for excellence", give play to the exemplary radiation effect of advanced models, create a united and enterprising enterprise atmosphere, and create a good environment conducive to talent growth.



3. Promote the construction of corporate culture with a rich carrier of corporate culture


(1) Innovate the means of corporate culture construction. We should make full use of new media such as the Internet and traditional carriers such as corporate internal journals and bulletin boards to increase the publicity and training of corporate culture, provide healthy and beneficial cultural products, and expand the effective coverage of corporate culture construction.


(2) Organize amateur cultural team. Organize and carry out healthy, distinctive and diverse mass amateur cultural activities, disseminate scientific knowledge, promote scientific spirit, create a healthy, peaceful and warm cultural atmosphere, and meet the spiritual and cultural needs of employees seeking knowledge, beauty and happiness.


Establish enterprise identification system. Strengthen the construction of corporate cultural facilities, beautify the working and living environment, improve the popularity, credibility and reputation of the enterprise, and establish a good public image of the enterprise.


(3) Pay attention to the construction of corporate culture team. Give full play to the role of trade unions, the Communist Youth League, women's organizations and functional departments to form a joint force in the construction of corporate culture, and rely on the extensive participation of all employees to form a joint force in the construction of corporate culture. Cultivate all kinds of talents in the construction of corporate culture, strengthen guidance and training, establish incentive mechanism, and give full play to their leading role in the construction of corporate culture.