Fujian Zhongyuan New Energy Co., Ltd

Fujian Zhongyuan New Energy Co., Ltd., founded in March 2007, is located in Yuanhong Investment Zone, Fuqing City. It is a high-tech enterprise in Fujian Province integrating research, development, production and sales of new energy. The company has been listed in the new third edition (stock code: 836129). The factory covers an area of 150 mu, has a storage capacity of 50000 tons, and has built a special chemical wharf of 10000 tons and an oil pipeline directly to the company's tank farm.


Adhering to the concept of "technology improves value, innovation leads the market", the enterprise has established long-term cooperative relations with Fuzhou University and other universities and a number of scientific research institutions, and has invested a large amount of funds to establish a product testing and inspection center. The center is equipped with advanced testing and inspection equipment to ensure that the product quality meets the national standards, providing a good research and development test platform for the research and development of new products. The company has obtained a number of independently developed invention patents and utility model patent certificates, and the technology has reached the domestic leading level. It has participated in the formulation of a number of national and industrial standards.


The products produced by the company - high purity alcohol ether gasoline and diesel have been set up sales outlets throughout the province and have been unanimously recognized by customers. At present, the company has developed a new type of fuel for boiler upgrading - high purity alcohol ether fuel, which has been successfully piloted and is gradually moving towards industrial production.


The company strictly implements the ISO9001 quality management system, has a high-quality, hard-working and excellent business elite team, and takes "strive to make progress, never give up, healthy and harmonious, unity and cooperation" as the corporate culture, gathers team strength, actively makes progress, and steadily advances along the scale, standardization and modernization of the new energy development path.

Company advantages


Easy to use

It does not depend on the hydrogenation station, and it is ready to use


Easy installation

Easy to install without changing the engine


Waste heat utilization

No additional energy consumption, only car heat rejection


Environmental protection

High environmental protection and economic benefits

Service area

Focus on technology, serve the public, and achieve perfection


Zhongyuan - Fuda Methanol New Energy Engineering Technology Center

In September 2020, China clearly proposed It will reach the peak of carbon dioxide emissions before 2030, Realize carbon neutrality before 2060; China's energy structure The development trend of low carbon is irreversible. At Carbon Under the guidance of peak and carbon neutralization goals, Zhongyuan and Fuzhou The College of Petroleum and Chemical Engineering of the University jointly established "Zhongyuan-Fuzhou Large Methanol New Energy Engineering Technology Center " Deeply explore the field of new energy. On the basis of hydrogen production from methanol For the use of car waste heat, after unremitting efforts Experiment, continuous improvement and finally successful development of Zhongyuan On-board methanol hydrogen production (waste heat utilization).

Fuzhou University

Fuzhou University is a national "world-class discipline construction university", a national "211 Project" key construction university, and a university jointly built by the Ministry of Education, the National Defense Science, Technology and Industry Bureau and the People's Government of Fujian Province. The discipline group of "chemical science and engineering" composed of "chemical engineering and technology" of the Institute of Petroleum and Chemical Engineering was selected as the first batch of national world-class discipline construction plans.


Zhongyuan on-board methanol hydrogen production (waste heat utilization)

As a green energy with rich reserves, high calorific value, high energy density and diverse sources, hydrogen energy is known as the "ultimate energy" in the 21st century. The outline of the national "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" clearly defines hydrogen energy as a prospective and planned future industry. At present, the hydrogen storage capacity per unit of methanol is the best, 1 liter of methanol is equivalent to 2 liters of liquid hydrogen. Medium-source vehicle-mounted methanol hydrogen production (waste heat utilization) to realize the conversion of methanol Line hydrogen production, which is produced and used immediately, combines the advantages of methanol hydrogen production, no additional energy consumption and liquid fuel.